Gdansk College of Health

Gdansk College of Health

In 1999, Marcin Geryk founded Gdansk Management College, which name was changed into Gdansk College of Health in 2018.
University with over 20 years of experience, educates specialists in fields of dietetics, cosmetology and physiotherapy at the level of first and second cycle studies as well as uniform master’s studies.
The education offer is also enriched with attractive postgraduate studies.
The university is distinguished by innovative activities, focus on development, constant striving to adapt the offer to the expectations of the modern labor market, as well as constant high quality of education.  Since its inception Marcin Geryk has served as Chancellor, managing its development with success.



Warsaw College of Health and Engineering

In 2003, he established the Warsaw College of Infrastructure and Management. With the development of the health sciences education offer, in 2015, its name was changed to the Warsaw College of Health and Engineering. The School provides reliable professional preparation and the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge of modern cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry, food chemistry, dietetics and in related fields. The College offers bachelor's, engineer's and master's degree courses, as well as, the possibility of improving professional qualifications as a part of specialist education and postgraduate studies. Marcin Geryk has been the School’s Chancellor since its establishment.



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